Monday, December 19, 2011

The artist's market

Accidentally we went into a market where all kinds of arty people display their goods. I've seen some of the South African black street vendors doing just as much with their creative minds and hands, but I think here in Spain they provide opportunities for these people to make a living. There was lots of beautiful clothes, and if it wasn't as expensive I would have bought some of it. There were people selling the All Star tekkies but they painted and beaded them to be different and creative. A girl was selling Alice Bands but placed a pretty bow or flower on it - if you wear it right you don't see the band, just the flower sticking out. There was lots of jewelry and ornaments as well, and all these people sell things they make themselves.

A second thing that will stay with me about Spain is that people have the freedom and the courage here to be creative and different to the norm, and they still make a living from it. What we have both noticed is that arty people in South Africa look the same as arty people here, so it seems like arty worldwide is actually the same fashion.

They even have 'malls' for these people where they can setup stalls during shopping hours to sell their wares. Maybe a lesson we can learn in job creation?

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