Monday, December 19, 2011

The Chocolate Museum

The entry ticket to the chocolate museum is a chocolate :). Now that's a good start. The chocolate museum has slides about where chocolate originated from, and from the looks of it, chocolate was very much a delicacy reserved for the rich and famous. It tells a story of how a queen brought her maiden with her to another castle because she was an expert at making chocolate. Interestingly the dark bitter chocolate was the only chocolate available for many years - filled with spices such as chillies and cloves which give it the strong taste. It's only in the 18th or 19th century that nuns started adding sugar to it.

The second part of the chocolate museum is that it is a showcase of chocolate art. There is a scene from asterix and obelix, Mickey mouse, sponge bob and square pants, don coyote, a girl and guy on a horse with the guy's spear through a dragon, and many more. These art pieces are not flat pictures, but actual sculptures all made from only chocolate. It's awesome!

The third part to the museum which we didn't get to experience was classes and cooking workshops. They were busy having one for children while we were there. As I said before - they are really creative here!

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