Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Leaving Barcelona (aka Home?)

Barcelona can definitely one day be called home. I have fallen in love with the city. In comparison with Italy where we were home sick after just 3 days, I have no such desires after 6 days in Barcelona. Tomorrow morning we will leave Barcelona on the next leg of our holiday to Valencia, and I actually feel sad knowing that we are leaving. It is a similar feeling to meeting someone special during a school holiday, and then leaving for home, knowing you might never see that person again.

It is impossible to compare the Spaniards with the Italians - their whole demeanor is different. The Spanish are helpfull, friendly and as a whole just a very accommodating nation. They find pride in assisting people and providing information; even if just helping you get on the correct train when you seem to be lost.

Barcelona is a very clean city. Almost every corner you turn there is a municipal worker sweeping the street or cleaning out one of many dustbins placed all over the city.

This is one place that has definitely made a lasting impression.

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