Friday, December 16, 2011

Our new Barcelona home

We just finished our first late lunch in our Barcelona apartment. We're still trying to find our feeNt - Barcelona is much bigger than the Italian cities we've been to.

We stopped over in the UK for a very short coffee - it's the second time in my life I stop over in the UK on my way to somewhere else, and low and behold, the weather was the same as the first time - wet and miserable. What I missed about Europe was the creative fashion. People in Europe are more daring to deviate from the typical Paris Hilton Barbie look, and it's fun to see them and pick up some new looks!

Our place in Barcelona is beautiful, with a stunning touch of vintage mixed with upmarket modern style. Once again there are beautiful women every where to be seen, but for a change there is lots of male eye candy for me too, whoo hoo! There are many shops, many shopping centres, many restaurants - lots for us to explore! There are bicycle lanes everywhere, and some old steel framed bicycles still being ridden! We saw a guy roller blading down a very busy street with his dog in the bicycle lane - awesome!

What I'll remember from today - a small shop called Happy Pills - it's a candy shop!
What Leon will remember - the snow lying white on the mountain peaks as we flew in to Barcelona

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