Friday, November 26, 2010

11 things...

We liked about Italy:
1. the magnificent structures and churches
2. Fresh pasta
3. Parma ham and Parmesan cheese
4. Waffles and Nutella
5. The transport system
6. The shoes and fashion
7. Everything is conveniently close
8. The food markets
9. The way cars make way for bicycles and wait patiently for them
10. The fact that at 10PM at night you can still wander the streets
11. The most beautiful women in the world

We are happy to leave behind:
1. The small houses that are built on top of each other
2. Being trampled on the public transport
3. The rude and non-accommodating people
4. Really expensive restaurants
5. Help is not very forthcoming if you are a newby to something, like using the metro for the first time etc, they are almost irritated to help you
6. Living on top of the street, no garden, no place to braai...
7. The shoes - else we might go broke, quickly :)
8. The smoke, they smoke all the time and everywhere
9. All TV and books, radios etc is in Italian
10. The rain, and the cold weather.
11. No friends to have a bottle of red wine with!

We had a great time here, great experiences, but at the same time are very home sick and looking forward to going back home. Look forward to driving our car and bikes, riding our bicycles, playing with our cats and seeing our friends. Most of all, having our big house to ourselves, and not having to climb millions of stairs to get to our front door :).

Italy was lovely, but there is still no place like home, in sunny SA!

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