Thursday, November 18, 2010


A city burnt down by a Volcano many years ago. There are plaster moulds of bodies of some of the people who died in this tragedy, even a dog curled up in what must have been lots of pain. The city is a city of ruins, showing the walk ways, houses, theatres and buildings these people used to work in on a daily basis. Mount Vesuvius was responsible for this volcano, and today is still active, but is being monitored very closely by scientists.
I was touched once again by this little “town”, and seeing that not everything we invented was actually invented by us. Leon was fascinated by what he saw as little penises against buildings and in the streets. There was also a brothel, which was suggested by our dear friend Troye, with pictures of different sex positions above the doors, and the client then just pointed to the position, and effectively the room where he would be “serviced”. How men are fascinated by these things…only they would know.
What stood out for me in this town made of stone and clay is the draining system works perfectly. The streets are a little bit rounded, so the water would run down the sides of the street to somewhere. It was raining while we were there, so I can guarantee that it works.
Our trip to Pompeii took us into Naples (Napoli). It was a good 3 ½ hour trip to get from Rome to Pompeii. Further out of Rome there are quite a lot of farm houses and plot type of houses, these are further away from each other and looks more liveable. Closer to Napoli the area changed back into apartment blocks, although they are not as on top of each other as in Rome. The buildings do however look old and dingy, I can’t say that it would be somewhere I’d want to live.

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