Thursday, November 18, 2010

La Citi ‘del Aqua

In the Roman times, apparently bathing wasn’t done inside your own house in the bathroom, but you went to another mammoth huge building that was specifically designed for bathing. One of these buildings, or more City by its size, is La Citi ‘del Aqua. I’m not going to write about it too much, since only pictures can explain it, and magnificent and awe-inspiring are again the words that come to mind, which I’m sure I’ve repeated 100s of times already. But just imagine, a building probably covering the same surface space of Sandton City including Sandton Square, but easily 5 or six times the height, built to have heated water in “baths” that are probably bigger than our standard Olympic size swimming pools, with fountains, and toilets, a gym (believe it, they invented them before us!), two libraries and space for small shops on the perimeter. The ruins that are left behind today probably do no justice of what used to be there, but once again the Romans have left an imprint of their history that will remind us for the rest of time of how powerful they really were.

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