Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lazy days in Firenze

The weather has not been too kind with us, lots of rain the last week already. But it seems the Italians are pretty used to it. There are umbrellas everywhere, and even when you walk into the shop there is a bin for umbrellas. So in true Italian style we each bought an umbrella, although Leon already destroyed one, which has me in stitches just thinking of it again!

We've been inside one church, a museum, and a medieval horror stories place. The horror stories place takes you back to the 1400s to show how dirty the people lived and the ailments they got because of mall nutrition and hygiene problems. It was a little bit interesting, but not worth the value we paid to enter. The museum was one with paintings and fashion art, pretty awesome paintings! The fashion section is not everyday wear fashion, but rather fashion specifically made to take artistic photo shoots. As always, the churches are awesome and inspiring!

Saturday was pretty much washing and grocery shopping day. We met some Americans in the wash and dry, had some interesting chats with them, and was very amused with an Italian girl and man arguing about who should use the dryer first. She eventually convinced him to put both their bundles of washing in one dryer. We didn't understand their words, but expressions here are worth more than a 1000 words. It was quite funny! We went to a pure food market, heaven! And cheap! We bought pasta (fresh), cheese, meat, fruit, and we didn't even pay R500 for it. They sell sheep skin in the meat section, chicken with the head still on it, and rabbit as well, which we only figured out later. It was my experience I've been looking forward to the most.

Other than that we've been wandering the streets, and shopping!many shops, as in Rome,are very expensive. But if you are wiling to do some walking, you find bargains. If we lived here, I would spend every month's salary on shoes! They really have beautiful shoes and clothes here. Even Leon has bought a pair of shoes!

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