Monday, November 15, 2010

Discovering Rome

Wow ... We stumbled across the origin of Rome, well, I suppose stumble is the wrong word, as this area is massive! But what it is, is the first buildings ever erected in Rome, or what is left of it. Compared to today's craftsmanship these guys were amazing. These buildings have been around for way more than two thousand years, and if it was not for the Romans digging into their own buildings to remove the metal keeping the stones together, most of it would still be around.

Yes, the Romans destroyed their own cities at the collapse of the roman empire to extract the metal in order to create weapons to defend themselves.

Maria mentioned that she got all tingly when touching the ruins. My hands just got dirty.

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  1. Hey Leon, you were touching the wrong Romans.... Or maybe Maria is touching the right ones !!! hA hA hA