Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gardens in the Piazzo del Popolo

After spending most of our morning at the Collosseo, we had to do some research to see which museums don't close at 16:00. Piazzo del Popolo had many, so this was our next destination. This was also the first time we veered quite a distance from our house. It is the first time in my life I use a Metro, so it is quite an experience to feel like you'll be able to get home without owning a car and depending on someone to car pool you home!
The Gardens close to the Piazzo del Popolo is almost like an Emmerentia, except there is no dam, and it is about 5 to 7 times the size. We got there at 16:00 and only left at 19:00, and still didn't cover the whole garden. There are a number of museums here. We found two...although we didn't work too hard at trying to find them. This seems to be a place where friends and families come for their Sunday afternoons. The children get to play in the parks, there are two wheel thingies (called a Segway – some of our bigger shopping malls has these to drive the security guys around) that you can rent to ride around with. First thing I thought of when seeing them is if I would be able to wheelie it going around a bend quite fast, and that I’m sure Jay would be able to. You can rent something similar to a tandem type bicycle, except the two person one you sit next to each other. It is probably closer to a cart, but there is one where four people can peddle as well. Or you can rent something similar to a go-cart.
There are some beautiful statues in here; a couple of buildings, but the view from the garden out onto the city is awesome! Other than that, it is a perfect place for lovers to sit on a park bench hiding in the dark, go for jog, take the dogs for a jog/walk and friends/family to wind down the weekend before work the next day.
Highlights in the park:
There were a bunch of youngsters, my age and younger, on roller blades. They set cones down in a straight line and then do tricks and manoeuvre themselves through these cones. They are brilliant!
There was a lady in her 100% pure whatever animal was killed for it coat, dressed to perfection with high heels, pushing her baby in a pram together with a friend while chatting. Now I don't get how you would prance around in a park in the latest fashion and high heels, but this seems to be the Italian way!
I was amazed with the fact that you could walk around till whatever time in this park, and it is perfectly safe!

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