Friday, November 26, 2010


We are sitting at the airport in Rome, waiting for our first flight on our way home. Florence was beautiful, relaxing, time spent as a real holiday. We climbed many stairs by climbing to the top of three of the towers, one the Duomo bell tower, the other Santa Maria, and I forget the third ones name. We explored some more churches, and went to the photographic museum and saw MichaelAngelo's tomb. We also strolled through the Boboli gardens.

The rest of our time there we walked lazily through the streets, shopping through clothes, glass jewelry, and lots of shoes. I'm coming home with no less than 5 new pairs of shoes, so my winter shoe shopping days had an early start, but probably also an early end. We spent time on benches next to the road or on stairs eating Gelato or waffles with Nutella. And we spent time in their markets, buying some food and more accessories, gifts or, yes, shoes...

Florence is much more chilled than Rome, and we probably could have utilized our time here better and have seen more, but we had something we rarely have here, a chilled, relaxing, resting holiday. Some afternoons we siesta'd, others we sat in a coffee shop drinking coffee and watching the people. We have learnt a lot of the Italian way, and will take home with us fond and pleasant memories!

And we will be buying a waffle maker, and eat lots more waffles with Nutella...

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